Roughly 225 employers have participated in the Summer on the Cuyahoga, and they represent the diversity of Greater Cleveland’s economy. Overwhelmingly, the employers have been impressed with the quality of the candidate pool, their experience with selected interns, and the program as a whole.

"We have been extremely pleased with the caliber, enthusiasm and hard work of the students participating in the Summer on the Cuyahoga program. This program offers employers the opportunity to work with students who can make a substantial contribution to a company's operations. The program also showcases the opportunities available to students interested in relocating to our region."

"SOTC is a WIN-WIN situation for local employers and the city of Cleveland. It offers an in-depth and exciting opportunity for young talent to learn what Cleveland has to offer, while connecting them with the community, providing them hands-on experience and giving them a glimpse into future employment opportunities. We continue to have remarkable talent each summer that brings new energy to our bustling offices. I still talk to all of my past interns and many of them would consider bringing their talents to Cleveland if the opportunity arose after college graduation."
-Breakthrough Charter Schools

"A well-organized internship program that benefits employers and students alike!"

"Working with our two interns this summer was great. Both did an excellent job of rolling up their sleeves and did real work (not something one might expect from summer interns). It was great to know that they were also supported in Cleveland after hours with all of the great programming that SOTC put on. They seemed to have made friends across school groups and took advantage of the numerous networking opportunities made available to them. Working with the SOTC staff was also a very positive experience. We knew that if we had questions about the program or how to find extra support for our interns that we had an easily accessible team that was extremely responsive."
-Decision Desk

"The Flashstarts Startup Accelerator owes much of it's success to our award winning intern program. Our intern program has been the direct beneficiary of the unbelievable young talent we have been able to acquire through the superb SOTC program. The benefits to Flashstarts, our teams, the interns themselves, and to the entire NE Ohio region are immense. THANK YOU!"